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Zaal Noflex Digester

Call for sales

Zaal Noflex Digester

Call for sales

Product is ground or sea shipping only
Special Packaging requried for air freight
Country -- HS number ----2836.99.50.00

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Check out user comments "Noflex in Austriala"

link to Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Usage Instructions                                 

Recreational Marine Holding Tanks              Aerobic Septic Systems Home and Cottage            

Rec. Marine M.S.D.Treatment system          An-Aerobic Septic Systems Home and Cottage

Pump Out Operator                                     Heavy Marine and Industrial

Sewage-- Parts Cleaning and Rebuilds        RV Waste Holding Tanks


Also check out at end of this page links to chatter on boating forums about the Noflex  

Pictures sometimes have more meaning than words
Above from  the left to right

# 1 Raw sewage from the M.V. xxxxxxxxxx (Coast Guard )
# 2 One hour after addition of Noflex. 
# 3 Two hours after.

The samples were not shaken just a pinch of Noflex was added in top of bottle. 
I can not prove to you from the pictures; but the smell was from ripe to non excistant in 5 seconds from addtion of product.   
Noflex Digestor has been used for several years on the commercial industrial work place to reduce sludge build up and control unwanted odours .From land based system in the far North work camps to high efficiency treatment systems aboard marine entities like Coast Guard.
Originally developed to enhance treatment systems now it is available in retail packaging for private use for home septic systems and on holding tanks on recreational vehicles. 

When Noflex is introduced into the system (being heavier than water) sinks to the bottom of the tank were anaerobic (dead bacteria sludge) concentrates. Upon contact it reacts with the sludge lifting it into the main stream releasing micro bubbles of oxygen that breaks up waste also releasing the proteins out of the sludge, so that the live bacteria can feed on the dead making it a friendly medium for maximum growth capability. 
Noflex is not a bacterial treatment, enzyme, biocide or perfumed product but a blend of chemicals that, when introduced into your sanitary system will very quickly neutralize hydrogen sulphides, clean pipes and liquefy solids in your holding tank. 
Noflex cleans the waste that coats the inside of piping as it is flushed through the system, stopping smells from leaching through pipe connections and hoses .Once inside the holding tank, the product instantly reacts ,neutralizing odours instead of masking them. 
Industrial Commercial Air injection Sewage Treatment

NOFLEX DIGESTOR is a powerful, specially developed treatment for the effective maintenance of marine sewage systems on cruise ships and large passenger carrying ferries. In black and gray water systems onboard these vessels, cleaning chemicals and overloading can result in the Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) being unable to effectively handle the original design capability of the system. The normal bacterial digestion of the shipboard waste is compromised and a build-up of anaerobic sludge in the piping system and marine sanitation device is the result. If left unchecked, this process will continue until the MSD is plugged with sludge. It can also result in unpleasant odours reaching the passenger spaces.

NOFLEX DIGESTOR neutralizes the chemicals that destroy the aerobic bacteria required for the effective and efficient operation of the MSD. NOFLEX DIGESTOR also dissolves the built-up sludge in the piping systems and the MSD. This process results in the liquefaction of the sludge and the release of oxygen into the sewage plant. The health and growth of the aerobic bacteria is stimulated resulting in a clean, healthy and odourless sewage system.
NOFLEX DIGESTOR should be used regularly to treat all branches of the sanitation system. This will result in clean piping and clean sewage tanks. Depending on the size, complexity and type of the sewage system, maintenance should be carried out on a systematic basis similar to the maintenance of engine jacket water-cooling and boiler water systems. 

Regular sampling of the effluent discharge will assist in determining whether insufficient or too much NOFLEX DIGESTOR is being used. Key measurements to be monitored are Total Oil and Grease (TOG), Mineral Oil and Grease (MOG), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Fecal Coliform Count (FCC). A regular schedule of treatment with NOFLEX DIGESTOR will result in significant reductions in all of the preceding measurements. Your NOFLEX DIGESTOR Technical Representative will be pleased to assist you in the setting up of an effective monitoring system. Measurements should be carried out to the latest edition of “Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater” published by the American Public Health Association.

FAQ. In a new or freshly rebuilt aerobic system; Treatment should not be started for at least 4 weeks after start up human waste carries the bacteria needed to start the system but there are bacterial boosters on the market that greatly enhance start-up like Sept*******

Hydraulic loading of water in system; Is not important; there is little difference between vacuum low water flush and regular flush toilets with the use of this product.

When do I use more or less? Waste loading does affect the dosage rates and volumes of treatment, more people more treatment powder needed.
For dosing instructions please ask you customer’s representative or Contact
GEMINI PACKAGING LTD. #150-Jacobson Way, Richmond, B.C. CANADA V6W 1L5 
PHONE: (604) 278-3455 FAX: (604) 278-3697 U.S.A. TOLL FREE: 800-665-0991

Treatment for RV and Marine Holding tanks

Over time holding tank systems can be plagued with build-up of anaerobic sludge in the piping system and tanks, with the resulting unpleasant odours and dangerous fumes, sometimes venting into passenger spaces and dock areas.
NOFLEX DIGESTOR liquefies the sludge and neutralizes odours instantly on contact with waste. This solves smell and solids build up problems, facilitating easy and complete pump out of the unit.

Suggested dosages – Black water holding tanks

In service ½ an ounce every 5>7 days on board per person.
If there are more than one toilet, do a different one every day.

Should there ever be any problem with odor flush 1 oz, into tank it will take aprox. 5 minitues to work.
Sometime loose pieces that have formed on sides drop off causing this but it is a good sign for the tank is cleaning up.  

After pump out
Add one ounce into empty tank from the toilet, flush twice to introduce the power into tank.
Shut down
For more than a week add one ounce per 20 gals of effluent holding capacity.

In a severely sludged systems; use 1/2 oz  two times a day till tank is clean, product works better on a routine basis rather than using large doses.

Grey water drains and tanks
Product can also be used as a drain opener. In sink or shower drain pour one cap into drain add one cup of cold water and let stand over night. Hair and waste matter will push up out of the drain this should be collected and discarded .Flush with warm water.

Sewage Spills
Sprinkle over area let sit for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water repeat if necessary.

Plastic Sewage Hose
Using this product on a regular basis, will remove sludge inside hoses and stop odour permutation into spaces. Older hose’s can be washed on the outside to remove any odours or stains. Add two ounces to a 2 litre pail of warm water mix, soak and wipe area with cloth or sponge do not wipe dry or rinse ------leave residue on hoses. Pour left over into toilet.

Home Septic System Anaerobic (Non Aerated) Normal use

On average 30 grams, one ounce in toilet per 4 people in the home, per 2 > 4 days introduced into the system from a different toilet or drain, for proper maintenance and upkeep of the piping and sewage treatment system.    

Toilet should be flushed once first, then add the product, then the toilet flushed once or twice to get the powder down the line.

With slow, barely functional systems;
Were there is partial blockage in the piping, large amounts of sludge build up in primary tank or unpleasant odours in the sewage leach area, more should be used 30 grams (one ounce) twice a day till system is clear or you start to notice an inprovement .


How do I know its working? Most people will not notice small improvements in flow and odours over time so we suggest you open your first settling tank and mark the top level of the sludge and check every week, it should drop as flow increases and have only a heavy beer yeast smell if healthy.

Cleaning Product to avoid?
The product will not neutralize--- natural disinfectants such as Pine cleaners, Tea Tree oil soaps, and Orange base cleaners. Try not to introduce any bleach, oils, solvents or disinfectants into the system.

The product works better in small amounts spread out over time rather than large amounts all at once.

Product can be used to neutralize odours and liquefies waste in out door toilets open holding tanks.
Sprinkle over waste and mist or spray a small amount of water over it to energize.
For leaching fields sprinkle over fields that have flooded to remove unwanted odours and then misted with water to activate. Will not harm grass, pipes, rubber or plastics.


Never mix with other chemicals or cleaners outside of the treatment system or holding tank.

  Moth balling and shut down for the season 

On the last voyage of the season use twice the amount recommended above before you park it.

When discharging the holding tanks for the last time in the season discharge first  till empty and then again after you have added at least ½ the volume in water of the tanks through the system on each and every head.

Finally add one oz for every 15 gal (60 litres) waste holding flush down every head with about 2 quarts ( 2 Litres) of water.


It should be ok for the winter with the occasional use. If you have any odours just add a little.   

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