Our story

Gemini's History
Gemini Packaging Ltd. is one of North America 's leading liquid product manufacturers, supplying both HABA and Household products to the top supermarkets and wholesalers for more than 40 years. Established in 1980, Gemini offers both Branded and National brand equivalent programs in the United States and Canada .

Gemini's state of the art manufacturing facility is conveniently located on the West Coast of Canada, enabling procurement of key ingredients at the most competitive price available. Gemini offers premium products at competitive costing and unsurpassed service levels to all its customers in the Grocery industry.

Our Focus
To deliver consumer & commercial products at a competitive price and excel in the businesses with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our Markets
Gemini Packaging Ltd. markets and manufactures various Health and Beauty and Household products for many Private Labels. Some of our clients include Safeway Ltd. USA Sobeys,Metro, London Drugs, Loblaws Brands , etc.

Zaal, Gemini's premium line of commercial chemical solutions are adaptable to a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Gemini has the ability to service all West Coast market sectors, offering a combination of quality products and cost-effective solutions to your commercial cleaning needs. Market sectors we service are Food & Beverage, Institutional, Health Care, Assisted Living, Educational, Recreational, Commercial & Industrial.

Our Lab
Our Research and Development Laboratory is where all the magic in our products begins. Our team of chemists formulate products precisely following CFIA, EPA and other recognized standards and testing procedures, balancing safety and environmental concerns as well as maintaining cost-effectiveness and quality assurance.

Gemini's Private Label products are also sent to third-party lab facilities to test against the National Brand equivalents and quite often receive ratings better than the name brand references.

Our Production
A team of knowledgeable staff follows strict guidelines for Quality Control, Production, Shipping and Security.