Gemini Packaging Ltd. is your Private Label Solution!
Gemini Packaging Ltd. is one of North America's leading manufacturers, supplying both HABA and Household products to the top supermarkets and wholesalers for more than 20 years.
Established in 1980, Gemini offers both Branded and National brand equivalent programs in the United States and Canada.
We are frequently updating our products and improving our formulas to meet industry trends.

Some of our current new product develpoments are:
1. Nail Polish Remover
2. Petroleum Jelly
3. Hair Gel
4. Hand Cream
5. Baby Lotion
6. Baby Shampoo
7. Baby Body Wash

Zaal® is Gemini's premium line of commercial chemical solutions which are adaptable to a wide range of commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.
Gemini's advantage is to service all west coast of United States and Canada offering a combination of quality products and cost-effective programs to meet your industrial standards.

Following the regulations, Zaal chemicals are certified by CFIA and Health Canada.
Gemini Packaging Ltd. is your Private Label Solution!
We are pleased to be working with some of the business's most popular and valued grocers.
Some of these include: Safeway, Loblaws, Western Family, Stater Bros, Unisource, and London Drugs Ltd..

And Gemini is actively seeking partners in private label industry.

Our Business We provide ultimate private label resources to our customers. Our goal is to find solutions to our customers’ needs in private label consumer products and convert them into user friendly, profit generating, and attractive formats to consumers.
We partner with major national grocery chains, retailers, consumer products companies, as well as local food supermarket chains, providing liquid blending and filling, secondary packaging, thermoforming, paperboard solutions, and logistics services.
We are all about quality, efficiency, flexibility and accountability. Quality & Efficiency With major upgrade of world-class facilities, abundant capacity, extensive experience in the industry, and 20 plus year of track record,
Gemini Packaging is able to utilize our well-managed purchasing and manufacturing processes cost-effectively and to ensure most efficient production in North America; hence, being able to provide most competitive pricing to our customers. Flexibility & Accountability Although huge capacity production setup,
Gemini Packaging is committed to working with growth-focused customers by providing flexible production sizes for private label products ranging from small volume hair gels to largest volume of laundry detergent.

It is personalized service that sets us apart — taking the time to truly understand our customer’s business: communicating to satisfy the needs, whether good or bad; sweating the project details from start to finish; collaborating with customers and colleagues to achieve perfection in innovative retail packaging.
At Gemini Packaging, we continuously invest in our business — in people, in plant and equipment, in technology.
It’s how we stay relevant to our customers, minimize their risk, and help them meet the competitive challenges they face, now and in the future. Research and Development & Quality Control As a team of chemists with diversified and collective experience and expertise, and equipped with sophisticated instruments, our R&D lab can create, test and commercialize new ideas within a short period of time.
We can do reverse engineering, product improvement and testing. Some of our national brand equivalent products perform even better than their targets at a lower cost. Our R&D lab is good at tailor-making for niche marketers.

Our Chief Chemist works with our purchasing department in sourcing and procurement of chemicals and other raw materials. He carefully approves all purchases and is especially careful in testing overseas chemicals. Foreign purchasing of most of our high volume components greatly enhances our pricing.

Our R&D Chemists assist our sales team in product promotion and training of customers, and supplies technical support to our customers. Gemini's Private Label products are also sent to third-party lab facilities to test against the National Brand equivalents and quite often receive ratings better than the name brand references.