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We purchased an older yacht that had been well maintained, but no matter how much or how often we cleaned the heads, it never really felt or smelled really clean. The culprit was the odor that was always present in and around the heads.
Our marine plumber recommeded Noflex Digestor. He told me he had gotten great reviews about it from other customers. After using it twice, the effect was remarkable! No more smell! Using it regularly breaks down the build-up of matter that gets stuck inside the pipes and tanks over time. No more covering them up or masking them. The enzymatic action of Noflex gets rid of the problem at the source. We'll never be without Noflex!

With Noflex, we also switched to Biotal MDS for routine cleaning. It compliments the enzymatic action of Noflex and further helps get rid of the source of stinky odors.
Because they are designed for use on marine systems, they are both safe for use on senstive hoses and tanks.
Lucky Rabbit from Seattle, WA United States
I purchased an older home 5 years ago, and had to spend hundreds of dollars a month to have my septic pumped. The leech lines were plugged and causing the tank to fill quickly with a family of 4.

After using this product steady for a few weeks, the lines opened up and waste water disappeared from the top of the lid, and the leech lines were working properly again.

Two years later, I'm back to plugged leech lines. I knew what product would be the answer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Kelly Vallimont from Harborcreek, PA United S
Anyone planning to work on a grey-water tank, hoses, or anything connected to the dreaded holding tank system: YOU MUST USE THIS PRODUCT FIRST!
A few months ago we discovered a leaking flange over our grey-water holding tank.When we pulled the top off, the odor was so overwhelming it nearly bowled us over, we slammed that top down as fast as we could & resealed it just as fast! It was impossible to breathe. Prior to learning about your product, we had tried various "blue" liquid products.Our friend brought us over Noflex to try.We immediately noticed no more odors or faint whiffs of something unpleasant.Fast-forward to a complete failure few weeks ago at pump-out station.Found a major problem with the tank, had to open it up again; we weren't sure how to deal with that smell, but knew we had to do the dirty deed.Ordered parts, dreaded the task. We gingerly lifted the flange, waiting to be assaulted by the massive stench.But wait! NO SMELL. NONE. NADA, NEUTRAL. Great Product!
C. Ewing from San Jose

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