SP Sea Solve .950 ml RTU Spray bottle

SP Sea Solve .950 ml RTU Spray bottle
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Non- Hazardous
Green Product

• Ready to use.
• Car battery posts
• Tools
• Fasteners
• Zippers
• Pliers
• Switches
• Valves
• All underwater equipment - wet suits, goggles, Cameras, regulators


Sea Solve RTU has many different applications for the removal of salt on smaller items for larger areas use the one liter concentrate with hose sprayer unit.

For salt build up results are immediate, build up can be broken down by regular frequent applications and leaving product in  build up area were corrosion inhibitors stay active. Sea Solve does not bond to hard surfaces. 
Safe on all surfaces like aluminum and other metals, plastics, vinyl, waxed surfaces, painted surfaces and rubber.

Spray Sea Solve and wipe away excess product with a cloth Do not rinse
If the area contains salt build up let the product soak into the salt for 10 to 30 minutes,
Depending on the amount of build up in tough areas may need to be scrubbed with a brush and treated again.
Rinse in areas where salt is trapped under or between crevices.


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