SP Zwitter 8 X conc. HE & Low foaming Laundry Detergent (Marine, RV and Home Septic System Specific)

SP Zwitter 8 X conc. HE & Low foaming  Laundry Detergent  (Marine, RV and Home Septic System Specific)
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Country HS code--3809.91.00.00


Tech Data

Personal Yacht Use Info

This one liter bottle will do 100 regular loads( 1/2 cap) and 75 extra large loads( 3/4 cap)
If too much is used by accident like 2 caps for a regular load the foaming on discharge foam is still minimal and will not adverse affects on discharge. -- Anti foam is built into product.

The lowest carbon foot print concept.
Forget about all that ECO, Natural, Earth friendly stuff "its nice and we should but" ----------Reduce and Conserve
The Carbon foot print is very important with governmental agencies already with carbon taxes already being put into place.
Staying in theme this product is at maximum concentration and in a square bottle this reduces fuel usage in shipping, handling, storage and recycling .
PET plastic bottle was picked as the most recycled plastic in the world.
This is the way of the future

Zwitterionic works for all regular machines and with high efficiency laundry units, cold water, warm and hot; you will also find that because of quality ingredients used it does not leave residue, leading to that musty smell common with other brands. (that you have to buy special cleaners for after.)


Lowest Carbon Footprint available,

No Phosphates
Septic system safe
No color added
Natural ingredients even fragrance
Low foam on discharge with non agitation, with quick flatting characteristics
Low space requirement for all storage
Lower shipping costs Example A 6 pack case will do 600 loads 14 lb in weight


1) Aerated sewage treatment systems it fixes a lot of problems associated with their function. Coast guard, Mines,oil rigs, Lake and Ocean freighters anyone that treats their waste with a air injection.

2) Rec. Marine - boats usually over 45 feet have some type of laundry facilities on board even if it is just a sink and usually they are the ones that are looked upon more closely in pristine bays with a foaming discharge. (It can also be used as a sink dishwashing detergent)

3) Home and Cottage Septic safe and small footprint and carbon friendly for all true nature lovers that have cabins it will enhance septic performance and stop back ups cause by foaming.

4)  RV;  Ever have a pump out tell you that they won't take your stuff because it will ruin their septic field ? Now you can tell them they should be paying you for helping it. 


Cheaper per load than Tide

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PHONE: (604) 278-3455 FAX: (604) 278-3697 U.S.A. TOLL FREE: 800-665-0991


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