SP Sea Solve 1 L Hose sprayer -- Salt Rinse Aid and Neutralizer

SP Sea Solve 1 L Hose sprayer -- Salt Rinse Aid and Neutralizer
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Country HS number ----3801.20.00.00

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A  One liter bottle will clean aprox. 200 feet of boat  , removing salt for a spot free surface, brighten and toughen bare teak.
This product eliminates the need for multiple rinses to remove soot and salts. Saving your time and water 
   Safe to use on all metals, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, chrome, glass, concrete any hard surface exposed to salt. 
Use to wash down boats, outboards, bilge areas, teak, Jet ski’s and windows     

One Liter Size 
With the blue adaptor nozzle is a foaming dispenser with a rinse mode for your garden hose. The Adapter is 1 to 200 parts water mix. One liter makes 200 liters.

     Smaller jobs premix 1 to 30 in a spray bottle .Wet surfaces spray mixture on surface; brush in crevasses and rinse.
·        Smaller parts dip use 1 to 2 mix; let parts soak over night. Brush and rinse.

Remove any major salt buildups, grease or dirt; by first rinsing with water and , or a degreaser. 

For Engine flushing 

Flushing your outboard engine is best done in an garbage can with the leg immersed in the water with a mix of 1 to 100 parts water and run for an hour. 
On coolant exchangers add to the raw water side 1 to 100 parts mix and let sit over night or if covers are off.  Spray concentrate several times on the build up over a period of time to dissolve. Rinse with water when finished. 
Safe with plants and Biodegradable. 
This Product is derived from plants.

 WE are the manufacturer bulk available for industrial applications and flood de salination


                                     Refill two liter size available.
Sea Solve is a water-based, non-hazardous, biodegradable solution That dissolves, releases and removes salt Ions from any hard surface. Protect against salt corrosion and reduce costly repairs caused by salt.Wet surfaces in the rinse mode, then in the wash mode from top to bottom soak area and let sit for 1 to 10 minutes finally rinse with fresh clean water for a no streak shine. 

   Pressure Washers can be set to meter, a to 1 to 200 mix follow same procedure. 

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