Food & Beverage

Gemini offers cost-effective cleaning programs to enhance brand image and product integrity for our customers in the beverage, brewing, dairy, pharmaceutical, processed food and supermarket industries. 
Each of the programs, designed for each customer's specific needs, provides consistent food and worker safety, minimal labor and regulatory compliance assurance.


We provide on-site training for your people at all levels to ensure our chemicals are used and applied correctly. This increases worker productivity, reduces total cost, reinforces procedures and promotes safety.

Cleaning, Sanitizing & Pest Control in Food Processing, Storage and Service Area! .. courtesy of University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Science.

Food premise sanitizing

Gemini is committed to being the BC's most trusted local company for cleaning and sanitation products and solutions. Our wide array of specialty cleaning and sanitizing chemicals and treatments are used extensively throughout the food and beverage industry. By serving customers in virtually every industry sector, Gemini has learnt and developed a reputation for hands-on service from your beginning orders to the final delivery to your on-site facilities.

Specific Service Specializes:

  • Waste Management
  • Production Time Recovery
  • Microbiological Troubleshooting
  • Labor Optimized
  • Regulatory Compliance


Ensuring hospitals are clean and safe is an essential component in the provision of effective healthcare. It is also of paramount importance to patients and practitioners. Gemini has developed several cleaning products with DIN registered and Health Canada approved antibacterial hand soap.

Disinfectant Cleaner: Zaal Q10 Disinfectant Cleaner (DIN) & Zaal Pine 15 (DIN) 

Anti-microbial Hand soap: Zaal Gold Anti-bacteriall Hand Soap (DIN)

To learn more about the programs and our commitment to Food & Beverage, please contact us !