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High powered D Limonene 80 % solvent degreaser and graffiti remover.
Natural based fast acting with deep penetration it is the ideal product for removing grease, tar, rubber, graffiti, hard grease, oil, glue, felt pen, clear coat, rigging cables, Tar sand, hard surface and porous,
This product saturates the petroleum based material to be removed by making it into a soap that can be washed clean with water.
Product is safe on all metals and most plastics pre test first. ,
Do not use on any types of bearings or any lubricated friction points
It will remove and break down lubrication even in sealed bearings.
Product will soften paint, automotive clear coat, remove oils from asphalt.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Remove bulk dirt with scrapper or cloth Spray on area wet for 15 minutes and rinse.
The higher the pressure water stream the better.

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